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  • January 30, 2012 thusitha: RAKAWA, I'm back!!!
  • April 08, 2009 thusitha: painful but must keep up with work..even from home,still its a Herculean task...must finish up...
  • April 07, 2009 thusitha: this eye infections killing me,had to leave work early..too painful, works going to pile up&screw my plans for next week!
  • April 06, 2009 thusitha: reading Sunday papers...need to work on my veggi garden...got to do before the rains start..
  • April 04, 2009 thusitha: ah! its Saturday... chill out day,a long list of things to do too,will spend more time with the family.wonder how things are up North with the rain..
  • April 03, 2009 thusitha: incessant rain...strong winds , thunder&lightin g ...all the likes of an early monsoon season..& then the Met Dpt.says to expect 'some rain'..
  • April 02, 2009 thusitha: got up late, again.. late to work, again.. have to face the Parliament traffic, again... training audience is not going to be happy today...enough!
  • April 01, 2009 thusitha: back to Rakawa after a long sojourn..hope to be here from now on....
  • September 23, 2008 thusitha: fiction for some,fact for others,my job is getting painstakingly slow, murkier by the day,fact and fiction the same@times.. need to see things through
  • September 12, 2008 thusitha: return to Nepal in the cards..already the paper trail is in motion..after all its not a bad idea for a another stint...may be...
  • September 05, 2008 thusitha: my 1st day of 'Perahera' duties..6 days of work for the Buddhist procession of Gangarama Temple in Colombo.wow, its going o be exciting..
  • September 03, 2008 thusitha: a Burmese lunch thanx to my old mate Sao N.,spicy but simple Shan noodles & deep fried crunchy Pig skins,met Sao after 9 years,dread his return home
  • September 02, 2008 thusitha: measured and marked the back yard, level earth tomorrow,need more soil..my quest for a vegetable garden under way..
  • August 29, 2008 thusitha: finished reading 'Orphans of Cold War'..while talk is hot on a all new cold war..good book..worth reading..Tibet and the abandon..missed oppotunities
  • August 28, 2008 thusitha: a day spent on reading, writing, talking.. many angles, many points of views..too much emotions to accommodate. even thinking politics is too political..
  • August 27, 2008 thusitha: I'm back,b'day came & went,just another day..got the final draft done for MA thesis.. dreading to meet the supervisor.. must get this done this week
  • August 17, 2008 thusitha: Sunday papers and more Sunday papers..blood pressure high..Thai dinner to calm me down...need to let go..
  • August 15, 2008 thusitha: 1st day at French class, so far so good..got the book shelves cut to size, assemble tomorrow , install Sunday eve.
  • August 14, 2008 thusitha: got in2 Rakawa,thanx 2 SZ. two weeks since return from Nepal.happy that my talk on Nepal Peace process went well!first d

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